Art Market for Juvenile Works. Or, it beats the refrigerator.

Inspired by this quiz at ABC News, and the accompanying story, it seems to me that the refrigerator is not good enough for today’s four-year-old finger painters. The curmugeonly John Stossel writes:

One artist, Victor Acevedo, described one of the children’s pieces as “a competent execution of abstract expressionism which was first made famous by de Kooning and Jackson Pollock and others. So it’s emulating that style and it’s a school of art.”

When I told him the work was done by a 4-year-old he said, “That’s amazing. Give that kid a show.”

Maybe we don’t need to give the kid a show. Maybe someone should put up a “refrigerator art” website where children’s art can not only be displayed but auctioned, eBay-style. The market for traditional artists is pretty crowded, and visionary art/outsider art is pretty full too; this site would give burgeoning art collectors a chance to get in on the ground floor with some tremendous new artists. Heck, it might even fund their college educations in another ten or fifteen years…