Five Things Men Love From Boyhood

In childhood, boys are taught to love five things.

Many adult men, when confronted with any or all of these five things, might even prefer them to sex.

In no particular order, they are dinosaurs, airplanes, pirates, lasers, and spaceships.

This New York Times article about the possibility of cloning dinosaurs from soft tissue embedded in fossils offers a near ideal demonstration:

Where the professionals urge caution, Ryan’s concerns were far more elaborate, and perhaps that is only logical. After all, when the scientists speak of the distant future, Ryan and his colleagues will be middle-aged. They will have to face the possible consequences, such as the necessity of attacking cloned dinosaurs with fighter jets.

The only better illustration would be to be a space pirate who steals a spaceship, which turns into an airplane, so that he can shoot dinosaurs with lasers and save the world.

Adult men would want to add, say, a redhead at the end of that sequence, but many will admit that’s gilding the lily.