Squishy Packaging

My girlfriend works at the Whole Foods Market in Roosevelt Square, here in Seattle. She works in the Whole Body department, which includes personal care items (soap, shampoos, deodorants, razors), bulk herbs and spices, and nutritional supplements.

She reported yesterday evening that some customers will use a pendulum to decide (or discover, if you prefer) which supplements they should take. Others will use dowsing, crystals, or the advice of a medical professional.

Some people, touch the various products and intuitively are drawn to the product they believe is correct for them. (Apparently, this is a form of muscle testing.) I hypothesized that perhaps the plastic bottles or cardboard boxes might throw off their scrying attempts.

It occurred to me that, should one wish to further influence such attempts, it might be fun to make squishy packaging. Dense foam cubes can be made, with cutouts for the actual pill bottle. These could pack and stack like cardboard boxes, but they would also be fun to play with and nice to touch. Wasteful, certainly, at least in some cases. It is the packaging that makes the product, for great number of people. (In Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink, he reports that changing the color of 7-Up’s label affected consumer reports of its taste, even though the product in the can was unchanged.)