Pro-Vaccination Videos

It seems that many Americans have forgotten how deadly childhood diseases once were, since they believe that the solution — vaccination — is worse than the problem.

In order to counter this rampant foolishness, I’d like someone to produce videos of older Americans, who grew up pre-vaccination, talk to the cameras about their siblings, who died in childhood. Who spent lifetimes on the iron lung. Just straight-up medical horror stories, told straight to the camera. And mentioning the frequency of the diseases, prior to vaccination.

Would it give the anti-vaccination people a sense of scale, of proportion? Probably not, but perhaps it will keep others from joining their Quixotic crusade…

One thought on “Pro-Vaccination Videos

  1. I totally and fully agree.
    It angers and saddens me to see some anti-vaccination people out there that cannot realize they are more of a hindrence than a help to society.
    I agree with showing this type of ‘shock’ video and see how the population changes thier attitude.
    I’d like to smack ’em all!


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