One thought on “Whitesploitation

  1. No,no,no. True Whitesploitation movies would require the White Poor/Rednecks cleaning out the Cities from the blacks that drove them out in the ’60s/70s( The Cities that WHITEY built ), corrupt BLACK politicians/cops ,phony reverends/race-baiters,black racists (read:Coleman Young,Marion Barry,Ray Nagin,Al Shartpton,NOI,etc ) finally get what’s been coming to them for decades.

    In the old blaxploitation, the Black villains were rival pimps or drug dealers,some of whom are “uncle toms”. therefore, in Whitesploitaion ,they would be White Leftists – politicians,radicals,college professors, columnists,intellectuals,churches, actors, movie makers,comedians, most homosexuals,etc.who get theirs.

    An idea whose time is LONG overdue. And,if made by Whites, would be far better made than any blaxploitaion (ALL of which were the epitome of amateurish).


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