Theme Cafeterias

I contract at a large company, with many cafeterias spread across its campus. Although I sometimes eat at the closest cafeteria, I often venture further afield in search of novelty. There is, however, precious little novelty to be found.

One could quite reasonably increase the novelty available by making “theme cafeterias.” It would be nice if there was an all-vegetarian cafeteria, for people who feel that other cafeterias don’t have enough veggie options, or who object to their grill items being prepared on a grill that’s also had meat stuff prepared on it. A Chinese or Mexican themed cafeteria might see additional business, and be worth an extra walk.

Of course, you could go overboard on themes that have nothing to do with the food itself: the nudist cafeteria, the ‘pirate galleon’ cafeteria, the ‘dinosaurs!’ cafeteria, and so on. Or you could have cafeterias themed on newly-updated products: In honor of its release, we could have the Windows Vista cafeteria for a week…