Sephora et al: Metrosexualize Them!

Every so often, Laura shops at Sephora, and spends thirty or forty minutes looking at perfume and makeup. Being male, and knowing nothing about beauty products, I wander the store in a daze.

Sephora does stock a wide variety of men’s colognes, but it seems to me that they’re really being marketed to women to buy as a gift for men. Rather than sort the fragrances by designer, separate them into three or four sections, by attitude or scent-family: “rugged,” “woodsy,” “urbane,” “spicy,” or some other meaningless division.

Color the walls behind each section a different, masculine color. Pair up the fragrances with aftershaves, and deodorants, so guys can buy the whole set. Put little tags below each scent, describing it, for guys who don’t trust themselves to smell properly.

And, while you’re at it, push more high-end shaving products. Talk men into fancy, old-school razors, gleaming chrome, brushes, double-edged razor blades. Make it classic, and classy. Make men feel like chumps if they don’t spend time and money on this sort of grooming.

After all, there’s a captive audience of men who are in the shop anyway; you might as well take a few extra feet of wall-space and target them.