Revenge of the spimes!

Slashdot reported a computer security paper demonstrating a computer virus disseminated via RFID tags.

Bruce, this is what happens when your spimes grow up. Imagine the house-building scene near the beginning of Distraction, where the virus-laden bricks configure the self-building house into a military barracks, instead, or where all of those man-hours result in a sidewalk that spells out “All Your Base Are Belong To Us,” or a house with a literal “backdoor” that could be used by the virus-writer to pillage its contents.

Or where, upon disassembly of the spimes for parts-reuse, a wooden piece is jammed where a silicone piece should go. It’s a 21st century sabot.

[ Edit 2006-03-13 18:07 PST: Bruce himself has now blogged this here, here, and here. ]