Ikea Weddings

No, not weddings at Ikea, though I’m sure that’s happened.

One-stop wedding planning, with a walk-through covered by red arrows on the floor: “First, the venue: is it a church? a park? a hall? Or have you already confirmed a venue? Should we call your Church and schedule a date with them for you? Second, an officiant: Would you like a priest, a rabbi, a non-denominational Christian minister, a justice of the peace, or have you already confirmed an officiant?”

And so on and so forth, stopping at each booth along the line to pick a reception venue, a band or DJ for that venue, the guest list (with automated voice-mail RSVP system, and counting, so that reservations can be automatically confirmed with all venues, caterers, etc.), decisions about cake and food, to select gifts for guests, outfits for bridesmaids, and so on. Move on down the line, get to the cash register, and put down a deposit.

It might be less care than the personalized services of a wedding planner, but it would probably be good enough for many people, and probably less hassle to get it all out of the way at once.