There oughtta be a word…

… it’s not notorious, exactly, nor is it infamous. It is a work of art or cultural phenomenon that is wrongheaded and odious, but either incredibly influential or perfectly evoking the zeitgeist. Examples may be, depending upon your political and/or artistic persuasion, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Moore, Robocop, Magnolia, Lydia Lunch, Paris Hilton, Duran Duran, or KISS.

One thought on “There oughtta be a word…

  1. I know this was posted a WHILE ago, but wouldn’t the term be hype?

    In the sense of “Don’t believe the hype”…
    well, maybe not exactly, but it should probably be some variant or extension of “hype”.

    Oooh… maybe for a person it could be hypster. Or even Zeitype (as in the mushing together of Zeitgeist and hype).

    I don’t think any of these are right, at least for what you mean. Your examples left me a bit confused, when you say wrongheaded and odious, these are relatively strong terms, as well as being very dependent on opinion, or perspective. Which is why, I guess, you gave the range of examples, yet though I might like or dislike them, I can’t say I can really see the wrongheadedness or odiousness… I don’t know who lydia lunch is, nor do I know what Magnolia is- I can see how some people might apply those terms to Paris Hilton, KISS, Michael Moore, and Bill O’riley (the first 2 being odious, and the second two more wrongheaded), and I can even see how SOMEONE could think that of Duran Duran, but I REALLY have a hard time with Robocop. I get the feeling the word would only be used by people who HATE whatever it is they’re talking about- like how people hate/love specific types and genres of music. Like if I hated Duran Duran, I would find them odious and wrongheaded, but seeing as I just really don’t care for their music too much, I have a hard time labeling them in such a way. Also, even though I may or may not personally LIKE their music, I CAN appreciate that it’s written or performed well… hell, I’m sure if I listened to everything they had I could find a song that I liked, and I KNOW I could find at least three that I could hold up as an example of a good song.
    Genres are only around to keep other music OUT; in truth, there is only good music and bad music, and you’ll know which one it is when you hear it.


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