A week without scuba diving…

… is confusing, disorienting, and a bit depressing. Even if it gives me much more time to get errands done. And even if we did check out possible entry points at Myrtle Edwards.

Poor Laura had swimmer’s ear and, in the name of health and good sense, we took the weekend off of diving.

It feels like a step backwards; last weekend we did our first dive together without an instructor/divemaster, using our own tanks. It was a very good dive. I liked it.

Next weekend, if Laura’s feeling better by then, maybe we’ll go down to 86 feet at Redondo, and go looking for the octopus. Or maybe we’ll go down near Steilacoom, to a site in our big book of local dives. Or maybe, if we’re feeling up to it, both.

The compulsion I feel to dive again, and soon, is amazing. I forgot that I felt this way coming back from Bonaire, but I didn’t keep it up and I let the fire gutter out. Well, it’s back. I’m not sure how much diving we’ll be doing in Hawaii — at least four days, possibly up to six days, at least two dives per day — but it doesn’t seem like enough.

2 thoughts on “A week without scuba diving…

  1. I know what you mean, but up until recently conditions have sucked in So Cal and I stayed out for almost two weeks. Maybe I need a refresher course?

    So, how does Bonaire compare with Redondo?


  2. I’m talking about Redondo Beach, Des Moines, WA — I don’t know how Redondo Beach in California is, but I aim to find out one day. 🙂

    Bonaire is about as different from Seattle’s Redondo Beach as possible: 84 degree water versus 46 degree water, Caribbean-clear versus moderately murky, schools of tropical fish and lots of hard coral versus a couple of lone lingcod and soft coral. But they have one thing in common: I love getting in the water and checking them out.


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