Last Night’s Dinner

Last night, Laura and I split our plates into four equal volumes. We had some delicious, spicy and bitter microgreens from Full Circle Farm sprinkled with Cabernet vinegar, Mark Bittman’s raw beet salad made with fresh dill, pan-seared New York strip steak from Skagit River Ranch, and roast potatoes spritzed with olive oil and spices. (I don’t remember where we got the potatoes, as we got them last week and had them sitting around in the fridge.)

The thing that took the longest were the potatoes, which spent maybe twenty minutes in the oven, and which needed to be sliced into wedges. The beet salad took maybe fifteen minutes to prepare the previous evening; I’ve discovered that it’s far better the second day.

While the oven heated, I seasoned the steak, and I started cooking the steak a little after the potatoes, so that it had time to rest once it was done. While the potatoes finished, I prepped the plates with their quarters of beet salad and microgreens. Finally, the potatoes were done, and we plated them and the steak.

It was delicious, it was beautiful, and it was easily fast enough to cook on a weeknight.