Nethack for Blackberry

While I’m on the subject of the BlackBerry, I’d like to note that there’s a marked absence of Roguelikes for the device. There’s a bunch of Roguelikes for handhelds, including Nethack for Windows CE, but not a one listed for BlackBerry.

It’s true that I’m not the first person to notice or complain, but I’d love to add my voice to the choir.

Tons of games exist for BlackBerry—I don’t know how I’d get through airports, bus rides, and meetings without them—so why this one oversight?

If you don’t know what Nethack is, it’s simply the best game ever.

5 thoughts on “Nethack for Blackberry

  1. Dweller isn’t an awful alternative
    A bit limited, but for an on the go version its fun.

    Although it would be nice to have nethack or rogue actually on a mobile platform. The developers of nethack say on their website that they will not be making a java version of the game because it would mean rewriting the game from scratch. But it is open source so it wouldn’t be impossible to do..


  2. i installed bbssh and play nethack by telnet at its not as good as a native app but good enough


  3. I play rogue on my blackberry, I use Zax midlet zmachine emulator. You can download rogue and a ton of other games free on the interactive fiction archive (.z5 files)


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