Web-based SSH reverse tunnel manager?

I need to build a single “remote support” server that users can establish connections to from their systems, and for my support people to be able to ssh into a port on that box and connect to the remote system. The obvious solution here is to use SSH reverse tunnels, and for the Support people to ssh into that port.

This works great for a single system with significant user interaction at the remote site, but doesn’t scale to a larger number of remote sites requiring simultaneous access (different port numbers required on the internal “remote support server”, different ports needing to be specified on the remote side).

I imagine that someone must have built a Web-based front end to get user data (e.g., name of remote site) and assign a port that the reverse tunnel can connect on, and then to provide that information to the users of that remote support server.

It seems to me that such a Web-based reverse SSH tunnel manager solution, to accept and track these connections, should already exist. But if it does, I can’t find it.

I’ll build it from scratch if I have to, but frankly I’d rather leverage something already out there, especially if it’s free or open.

Anybody know of any such thing?

2 thoughts on “Web-based SSH reverse tunnel manager?

    • Although ShowMyPC appears to be quite nice, it would be a lot of work to integrate into our company’s product. Further, our product is not desktop or Windows-based, so there isn’t really a customer desktop to view. But thanks for the suggestion.


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