My Apple Dilemma

I’ve been looking forward to the introduction of a 64G iPod touch: finally Apple would release a pretty, solid-state-storage MP3 player with enough room for my music, plus a reasonable amount of space for applications and videos too. (My MP3s alone clock in at about 45 gigabytes, so it’s not as though the space on a 32G iPod would be adequate—my music-listening habits have a long tail, as I rediscover anytime I’m on an airplane with my 8G iPod Nano 2G.)

Today work sent out an e-mail about our corporate switch to the AT&T network, which noted that I would be in line to receive a BlackBerry almost identical to my current hated model. However, if I bought my own phone (with 10% corporate discount), they would hook it up to the corporate e-mail network. That includes the iPhone, I confirmed after double-checking.

So my dilemma is this: 32G iPhone (which would probably give me 16-20G of music, or less than half the collection, once I account for applications, photos, videos, etc.) for $270, or free corporate BlackBerry plus either my current iPod or a (presumably) $399 64G iPod Touch once they launch in fewer than three weeks?

Either way, the company pays my complete mobile bill, so that’s not a reason to pick one over the other. Primary concerns are cost, one versus two devices, and the ability to carry around my music collection. Plus frustration level if Apple announces a 64G iPhone bump in the near future but after their September 9th event. (Because if they were to announce such a thing, the answer would be totally obvious.)

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