The right iPhone headphones

Now that I have the iPhone, I need the right headphones.

They should be in-ear, not just earbuds, to block out noise. I’ll stipulate that any reasonable current headphones are good enough in terms of sound quality: while I have loved Shure and Sennheiser headphones I’ve been using the iPhone headphones long enough that I’m not too picky anymore.

That much is easy – dozens of headphones will do that and have the requisite iPhone microphone and controls.

The catch is that I want a really good microphone.

What I really really want is my existing Aliph Jawbone headset with a second earpiece for listening to music, and a better in-ear fit. They can be wired; actually I prefer they be wired so I can use them on airplanes.

But I want the noise cancelling, or at least a really low noise passive design. I haven’t seen a single iPhone headphone comparison that focuses on microphone quality as primary and speaker quality as secondary.

I want all this with decent build quality. Looks unimportant, though inoffensive is better than loud.

I’d spend up to $150 or so if they had excellent mic quality and good noise blocking design. But I can’t find them: why not?

Anyone know where to find in-ear, wired headphones with awesome mic quality?

5 thoughts on “The right iPhone headphones

  1. Have you found anything like this? I’m on the same page with you but haven’t found a set that I like. Actually I’m pretty happy with the set that came with my iPhone except for the crappy mic quality. Not too much to ask.


    • Mark, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time since writing this post looking — if you find something, do let me know!


  2. I just found this old post because I’m looking for the same thing 17 months later! Still nothing it seems. Amazing how few seem to want this, but it explains why no ones making it! Have you found a headset like one the 3 of us are looking for? Thanks for looking as well.


  3. I desperately need such a headset. You read my mind.
    I’ve spent hours investigating and didn’t quite find an answer.

    Do you have any recommendations ?


  4. I have solved this problem to my satisfaction. I read a review of the MEE M9P earphones that rated them very good, but noted that the microphone (call quality) was outstanding. And it is only about $20. So for that price why not give it a try, so I did and am very happy with them.

    Now, here is an interesting complication. Earphones do not work with my ears, they are very uncomfortable. So I went to and spent over $100 on a custom ear kit, where they send you a kit and you make a casting of your ear from which they make a custom earpiece and that works very, very well. So I have $20 earphones with $100+ earpieces. Well, it works for me.



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