Tiger Woods Accenture dogwhistle?

Maybe I’m over-analyzing here, but when I read Deadspin’s account of Tiger Woods’ lifestyle, I was particularly struck by the phrase “private-jet weekends with his Fortune 500 party pals.”

Today, reading of Accenture’s dropping Tiger Woods, I started to wonder if the Accenture campaign with Woods is a sort of Fortune 500 dogwhistle.

After all, for those of us in the bleachers, Tiger Woods has always maintained a squeaky-clean image. We saw a Tiger Woods Accenture ad walking through the airport and thought they told a story of native talent tempered to success in the forge of commitment and hard work.

But apparently his “Fortune 500 party pals” knew better, so when they saw an Accenture ad featuring Tiger Woods, they saw someone who was getting away with something, but who managed to preserve a sterling public image.

In other words, American Business’s high rollers saw in Tiger Woods a role model, someone to be envied: a man who took everything he wanted and put one over on the public.

Or maybe it’s just coincidence.