Clarion West class of 2016

I’m thrilled beyond reason to announce that I’ve been accepted into the Clarion West class of 2016. I’ll be joining seventeen other writers, taught for six weeks by some of the best writers working today. For a long time, it’s been a goal of mine to attend, and this is my year.

Congratulations to the other members of the UCSD Clarion and Clarion West classes of 2016, and condolences to all who applied but were not accepted. The only rule I know for sure about writing is never give up; its corollary is keep submitting. I would encourage all of you to try again.

Congratulations are also due to David Cleden, who won the 2016 James White award. While of course I’m sorry not to have won, it’s an incredible honor to have been a finalist–particularly in the same year as my Writers of the Future win, not to mention my Clarion acceptance. It’s already been an incredible year for me as a writer, and my thanks go out to everyone who’s supported my literary ambitions.

Time permitting (ha!), I’ll be re-tooling this site in the near future, to put more focus on my fiction.

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