I’m back… and upcoming appearances


Artwork by S. Qiouyi Lu. Used with Permission.

I’ve returned from Clarion West, and my mind and heart are still blown. I’ve come back with a new group of friends, a head full of crazy ideas, and a new tattoo.

My estimable classmate S. Qiouyi Lu (who also did our fabulous Team Arsenic drawing) has written a fabulous blog post on Clarion West 2016 lessons that’s more cogent than anything I could manage right now. Perhaps I’ll have my own additions at a later date.

You probably haven’t noticed that my Appearances page has been updated. I’ll be attending MidAmeriCon as a fan later this month, just for Friday through Sunday. Towards the end of September, I’ll be a featured reader at Two Hour Transport and attending the launch of the Untethered magic iPhone anthology.

I hope to see many of you there!