New MacOS tool: swiftbar-imap-counter

Several years ago, I moved my mail from Google to FastMail. I don’t regret a thing.

No, that’s not true. I miss Google Notifier in the menu bar of my Mac telling me I have new mail to review.

I looked, but was shocked to find that no similar menu bar tool existed for IMAP. I considered writing one, but it seemed like there would be a lot of learning and I just didn’t have the time.

Enter SwiftBar, a new tool descended from BitBar, which I hadn’t managed yet to try. SwiftBar and BitBar allow you to run plugins that show up in your menu bar. Surely there would be a BitBar/SwiftBar plugin for IMAP?


But this, ah! This was a programming project small enough for me to take on in a single day (okay, two). Welcome to the world, swiftbar-imap-counter!

For now, all it does is talk to your IMAP server and put an icon in your menu bar telling you how many unread messages are in your inbox. But that’s (almost) all I need it to do. It supports SSL/TLS (though only one of the two paths is tested), and seems generally to work for me. I make no promises, though I’m happy to help.

(Now to figure out how to add it to the BitBar plugin repository…)