Cocktail Recipe: Small Craft Advisory

Sometimes things aren’t dark and stormy. I wanted something with some of the flavor, but lighter and breezier.

Or maybe I was looking for another way to use Banks 5 Island Rum, a blended white rum that co-stars in my ideal daiquiri. (The other rum in that is the El Dorado 3 year old, but that’s another recipe entirely.) The Banks 5 Island is light and full of tropical fruit flavors, and would be absolutely swamped by ginger beer.

Enter DRY Soda. Their ginger soda is clear and much less sweet than even ginger ale, but still a bit spicy. I like half of a 12-ounce can over ice in a tumbler or double rocks glass, with a shot of the Banks 5 Island stirred in and a wedge of lime on the glass. Nothing could be easier!