Tupperware with Secret Compartments

Sliding panels are always cool. Hidden anything is neat. But Tupperware storage containers for the fridge that include secret compartments would be super-cool. Among other uses, you could hide leftovers of the good stuff from roommates and other potential scavengers. Plus they’d just be fun to play with.

The Teakettle, Improved

One of the frustrations of making tea, or presspot coffee, is that boiling is rarely the correct temperature of the water. Especially for coffee and green tea, but also for other hot beverages, the water should typically be 20 degrees or more below a temperature that will set your kettle a-whistle.

It would be easy to build in a probe thermometer, which would test the temperature in the middle of the water, and to have it beep when the temperature gets to whatever you set, like a kitchen timer but for temperature.

It might be nice if it had a nice silcone-covered handle, like those fancy oven mitts.

On The Road Coffee Set

In Seattle, we take our coffee seriously, if you didn’t know. Unfortunately, not everyone outside of Seattle does. And so: us coffee connoisseurs would like it if someone sold a French Press sized for one drinker, packaged in a break-proof container of some sort, with a teensy coffee grinder that fits inside the pot for compact storage. It would be great if there was a small airtight storage box for coffee beans that also fit into the press.

Because of the plunger, it would make sense if the grinder and the bean storage were each semicircular, with divots for plunger-space between them.

Plastic Wrap as Food Safety Indicator

I wonder if the byproducts of decaying food emit specific, easily identifiable chemical signatures.

If so, perhaps it would be possible to create plastic wrap that changes colors when that the food starts to go bad, perhaps even going through a “use this soon” color before proceeding to the “don’t eat this” color.

This would be useful in those disposable Gladware or equivalent disposable plastic containers, too.

It could make cleaning out the refrigerator a color-coded experience.