FCC should partially repeal ban on cell phone blockers

With studies showing that using your cell phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk and that hands-free devices are no safer, isn’t it time to get drivers with cell phones off of the road? The data is quite clear.

Laws don’t help, and peer pressure doesn’t appear to be an effective alternative. Which leaves us with cell phone jamming.

But the FCC categorically opposes cell phone jamming.

Congress should pass a law modifying Section 333 of the Communications Act (as in the proposed H.R. 560, which would permit the use of jamming equipment in prisons) permitting the installation of short-range jamming equipment in automobiles. That equipment should affect a range of just a meter or two, and could be designed to operate only while the vehicle is in motion.

Nobody would be required to install this gear by law—all it should do is give private entities the permission to jam signals in this limited way—but taxi companies and others with professional drivers might find that they could get reduced insurance rates by choosing to implement this equipment.