Recipe Vector: Egg Noodles with Mushroom Cream sauce

Tonight at Laura’s behest I made a mushroom cream sauce, incorporating leftover chicken. We were going to put it on top of normal noodles, but Laura suggested we get egg noodles, which were exactly the right thing for this somewhat Stroganoff-like dish.

I hesitate to say that I “made up” the recipe — it’s remarkably similar to Mushroom Mystery Casserole from The Enchanted Broccoli Forest, except that instead of bread and milk and cheese there’s pasta and cream, instead of onion there’s shallot, and I cut out the celery but added chicken. (It would have worked nearly as well without the chicken.)

I didn’t follow that recipe, or any other, to make the dish, but obviously I just adjusted the recipe to meet my goals, and ended up almost exactly where I’d hoped to. This reminds me of what I read about people who become expert at muddling through foreign languages: they’ve memorized certain typical sentences, and then learn how to modify those by changing tense, subject and verb, and so on in order to produce the sentence they desire. So tonight’s dinner was made through a sort of “recipe vector” similar to those sentence vectors.

Without further ado, the recipe:
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Dinner, last night and tonight, with commentary on cookbook grammar and farmer’s market vendors

Dinner last night was superb: King Salmon teriyaki and a side of Zingy Cucumber salad.

The salmon was incredibly easy to make. I started by making Teriyaki sauce a la Mark Bittman: half soy sauce and half mirin, simmered, tossing in some minced garlic and ginger near the end. When the sauce was ready, I put in the fish, skin up, and turned it every couple of minutes until it was done, which was more than five minutes and fewer than ten. After plating the fish, I spooned some sauce on top, and put a dollop of the cucumber salad on the side.
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