Website problems

You might have noticed some flakiness lately with Two Ideas. We’re suffering from some back-end software issues following an upgrade, and are investigating. Hopefully this will be resolved shortly!

Set your publication date before you start your blog post

I’ve still got blog post drafts from 2005 collecting dust. They’re not finished yet, and they may never be despite the seeds I set therein to germinate.

Perhaps I should set publication dates for my blog posts before I start writing them, and hold fast to those deadlines. If the data’s still in an inconsistent state before I’ve flushed my buffers, maybe we write it out anyway and hope that at least the metadata’s valid. The alternative is to leave those blocks eternally unlinked.

Is there a term for a blog post whose deadline was set before the entry itself was completed? I’d like a word to describe that modality.

Coming Soon…

… a piece of flash fiction I wrote has been accepted for the August issue of decomP, an online literary magazine. The July issue is up now; I’ll link to my piece in the August issue when it’s available.

If you’re reading this on LiveJournal, you might notice that it’s marked friends-only. That’s not because it’s private (it is, after all, published at Two Ideas) but to keep it from showing up multiple times for people who are reading all of my stuff at my homepage or my RSS feed. I’m crossposting in an effort to simplify my online life, make sure pieces are available for multiple audiences when appropriate, and in general encourage me to post more. I’ll still publish to LiveJournal specifically when it’s personal material that I judge uninteresting to a wider audience.

If you’re reading this at Two Ideas, you’ll notice that the site has a new look. I was sick of updating my modified theme for new features, and so I’m looking to widely-available themes for my site. I’m still playing around with it, so its appearance may change again. I’m updating Two Ideas to make it simpler for me to use and update, and so that it doesn’t feel like a cumbersome thing for me to write here.

In any case, now that I’m stuck in place on the writing project I’ve been attempting, I may post more as an outlet. Or I might figure out my way forward on my current project and put my head back down to press on.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7, moved stuff around

Many apologies if you get spammed via RSS. I just upgraded to WP 2.7, and ended up moving the files to the root of the tree instead of in a /wordpress subdirectory. I’ve got a rewrite rule in place, so no links should be broken, but I don’t know what the consequence of any of this will be for RSS readers.

And yes, I do plan on posting more soon. Or soonish, anyway. I Have A Plan. (Then again, I always seem to have a plan…)

Back in the saddle…

Last week I returned from Hawaii, and into a whole lot of catch-up at work. I also had to clean up the blog site: although I’d upgraded to WordPress 2.5 already (2.5.1 now), before I’d done so, some nasty stuff had been inserted into one of my blog posts, getting my site branded as an attack site.

Now, that was probably the correct action to take, inasmuch as my site was an attack site during that period of time. But would have been too much to ask to send me mail identifying the problem — or, at least, when I submitted a review request on the site to identify the problem in advance, to avoid a back-and-forth where I fix one problem only to have another one identified before my site status can be returned?

Also, I discovered that my metablog had become stuck, due probably to a prior disk-full condition, and wasn’t posting all of my stuff. Further, changed the RSS feed address, and either I missed it or they didn’t bother to tell me, so that wasn’t showing up, either.

Now that it’s fixed, you can see that I’ve been identifying all of the Mac dive log software. I’ve become interested in getting an air-integrated computer (with hose and console, probably, rather than wireless, due to the substantial cost difference) and tracking my air consumption at depth. I figure that Laura wants to get Nitrox-certified, and as long as I’ll need a new dive computer for that (yes, I will, that’s how old my dive computer is), I might as well track air consumption too and upload log data.

Unfortunately, the list of air-integrated dive consoles that play well with Macs is fairly limited. Suunto and Uwatec would be my only choices. I like what I’ve read about Suunto (though it sounds like the original Cobra, otherwise my best choice, is perhaps overly conservative), but know next to nothing about the Uwatec Smart COM. Reviews and opinions welcome.