Bye Bye, AWS! Hello,!

Three years ago, my friend Rob let me know he was shutting down his personal server, where Two Ideas lived, and that I needed to find somewhere else to host it. (Thanks, Rob, for letting me use your server for so many years!)

I moved to hosting on AWS, for a couple of reasons. First, I knew how to administer Linux systems, and running Linux on AWS was easy. Second, the first year on the “free tier” was absurdly cheap. Third, I didn’t know a whole lot about AWS, and it seemed like a good opportunity to learn.

What did I learn?

Not as much about AWS as I’d intended; it was too easy and reasonable to run my box like any other Linux server. I learned far more about AWS and automation in my one year at Context Relevant than in three years of running this blog in the cloud.

But I did learn some other things.

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Bye-bye, OpenID

Even though I’ve always thought that OpenID is a bad idea and subject to phishing attacks (though I don’t know this for certain), I went ahead and installed the OpenID plugin. But based on my Apache error logs, and terrified by the open sewer that is the Internet after fixing Laura‘s hacked blog, I’m taking the slightly safer route and deactivating OpenID. Which, as far as I know, nobody has ever actually used here.