Coming Soon…

… a piece of flash fiction I wrote has been accepted for the August issue of decomP, an online literary magazine. The July issue is up now; I’ll link to my piece in the August issue when it’s available.

If you’re reading this on LiveJournal, you might notice that it’s marked friends-only. That’s not because it’s private (it is, after all, published at Two Ideas) but to keep it from showing up multiple times for people who are reading all of my stuff at my homepage or my RSS feed. I’m crossposting in an effort to simplify my online life, make sure pieces are available for multiple audiences when appropriate, and in general encourage me to post more. I’ll still publish to LiveJournal specifically when it’s personal material that I judge uninteresting to a wider audience.

If you’re reading this at Two Ideas, you’ll notice that the site has a new look. I was sick of updating my modified theme for new features, and so I’m looking to widely-available themes for my site. I’m still playing around with it, so its appearance may change again. I’m updating Two Ideas to make it simpler for me to use and update, and so that it doesn’t feel like a cumbersome thing for me to write here.

In any case, now that I’m stuck in place on the writing project I’ve been attempting, I may post more as an outlet. Or I might figure out my way forward on my current project and put my head back down to press on.

Two Writing Milestones

Within a single week, I’ve passed two milestones with regard to my writing.

First, I’ve gone into positive territory on my royalties for Think Unix. Yes, after nearly eight and a half years I’ve earned back my advance, and am now owed approximately three dollars seventy-five cents by the publisher.

I’m exceedingly pleased that people continue to read and purchase this book, and that except for the two chapters on Unix GUIs the book has remained useful. I wanted to write an “evergreen,” and I feel like I succeeded. Not that I couldn’t improve the book, or that there aren’t things I wish I’d done better, but I think I did pretty well.

Second, I’m pleased to announce that a short story of mine is being published. I’ve waited until the magazine was printed and ready to go, as I’ve had things fall through in the past – but you can buy issue one of The Ne’er-Do-Well Magazine, which contains my short story “Lodestar.”

If you’ve read previous versions of this story, I’d encourage you to buy the magazine and re-read it, as it’s been substantially revised. Sheila, the editor, is exceedingly perceptive, and her input did the story a lot of good. I’m looking forward to my copy arriving, and reading the rest of the pieces too.

As a teaser, an unrelated short-short, I still get pictures from him sometimes is on the magazine’s site, along with short-shorts from other contributors.